Monday, 8 June 2015

new series | book club babble

Hi all! 

So, recently I, along with two of my best friends,  have embarked on a magnificent and wondrous journey: a book club. Granted, it probably is the tiniest book club in the world, but I love it. Each month, we collaboratively choose a book to read and do so at our own pace. So far we've all completed one book and are working through the second. 

My goal here is to start a new kind of series on this blog, tentatively titled book club babble because how adorable is that? Basically, this is just my chance to revisit my thoughts for each of the books we've read and share them with anyone who is interested. One of the other members of the book club, Gini, also has a blog where she will be doing similar monthly updates on what we're reading. 

My first post/review on our first group read will be coming up very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! 
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