My name is Ryley, and I'm a book addict. 

Some fun facts about me: 
1. I'm 20 years old (my birthday is in September).
2. I live in Northwestern Ontario, in a city called Thunder Bay. 
3. I have two dogs named Zoey and Fiona, and I am absolutely obsessed with them. 
4. I went through a very intense Twilight phase from ages 13-15. 
5. My best friend and I may or may not have made Twilight puppets during this time. 
6. I don't want to talk about it. 
7. I've wanted this one tattoo for about three years, but haven't gotten it yet. 
8. I like to tell myself that I'll get it one day, but I'll probably never end up doing it and live in a deep state of regret for the rest of my existence. 
9. All I really want in life is a library a la Beauty and the Beast. 
10. I have a special place in my heart for YA books of all kinds. 

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