Monday, 22 June 2015

#bbbreadathon tbr!

Hi, guys! So this summer, I've decided that one of my goals is going to be to read. A lot. Like, an obscure amount. Like, hey-psycho-get-your-nose-out-of-that-book-for-five-seconds-so-I-can-look-into-your-eyes. 

That much. 

Naturally, a good way to get a lot of books off the tbr pile is to take part in a readathon, which is what this is going to be all about. So, the Bookish Beauties Book Club, also known as bbbgirlies on Instagram, is hosting a readathon from June 25 to July 5. Hopefully a few of you guys will participate as well! Here are the categories, and my tbr:

1. Book that's been on your tbr for a year.

2. Book where the first letter of the main character's name is the same as yours.

3. Standalone you've been iffy about.

4. Book from your least read genre.

5. Book from an author you've never read.

6. A book that's your favourite colour.

Clearly, this is also going to be an awesome opportunity to get caught up on a ton of hyped books that I haven't read yet. Are you guys going to be participating in the readathon? What's on your tbr?

Talk to you soon! 
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