Monday, 6 July 2015

things to tell yourself when you fail miserably

As you may know, I took part in the readathon hosted by the Bookish Beauties Book Club this past week.  If you keep track of my updates, you'll also know that as of a couple days ago I had still only finished one book and was a little bit into my second. 

I wish I could say things changed. 

Currently, I'm still only about 150 pages into Throne of Glass, which is a step in the right direction but not as big a step as I was hoping for. So, considering this particular readathon was a giant fail for me, I thought I'd have some fun. 

You know how in How I Met Your Mother, there's that one episode where Robin becomes the centre of a drinking game because of her constantly saying "But, um..."? Let's play a similar game. Take a shot every time I say "Yeah, but..." 

Girl. You sucked so hard at this readathon. 

Yeah, but I worked pretty much every day. 

We all know your job isn't exactly too hard. 

Yeah, but it gets busy and I don't have time to read. 

You only work 6 hour shifts. That's 18 hours of reading time in the day. 

Yeah, but I have to sleep for 8 hours too. 

Fine. 10 hours. 

Yeah, but I have a boyfriend and a social life too. 

You still have a ton of free time. What about in the mornings and before bed? 

Yeah, but that's when I do cleaning. 


......Yeah, but Netflix. 

There we go. 

I got nothin'. 

Have a great day, guys! 
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